Every day is filled with unique obstacles.Adaptability is a trait high on the “useful life skills” list! Adapting to new people, situations, surprises, and changes comes easily to some, but can be much more challenging for others.

Having the option to ease into adapting to something new can be far less stressful when you have more time to process your feelings and can ponder different approaches you can take. However, some things in life are simply outside of our control.

Womanpreneurs Melissa Moats and Amanda McCune discuss ways to adjust when you’re forced to adapt. What are things you can do to take the sting out of blunt-force change? How can you shift your mindset to work with you? Who can you turn to so you don’t feel alone?

Forced adaptability is on the minds of so many when reality as we all used to know it changed… overnight. Find comfort and support in our encouraging, optimistic conversation. We hope you’ll tune in and join us, as we’re all in this TOGETHER.

Note – We know the quality isn’t what you’re used to. We’ve been forced to adapt and find new ways to record when we can’t be in the same place together. Please bear with us as we learn new software and find better solutions until we can go back to the studio!

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