Do you have conversations in your head, too? So you’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes playing out every possible scenario in your mind trying to anticipate an interview or replaying an argument you just had – thinking of way better and more colorful rebuttals. Maybe you’re about to pitch a new client and your inner dialogue goes south… What if they don’t like your ideas, your shoes, your hair, or you remind them of an old, sweaty, nervous ex-girlfriend?! Or… a new phenomenon that’s getting a whole lotta attention – CRICKETS. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Are you the rare breed who doesn’t have an inner dialogue at all? The thought of this blows your favorite Womanpreneur duo’s minds! Yes, there are people in the world who aren’t having conversations in their heads. And Amanda and Melissa are finding it difficult to wrap their own brains around it!

In this episode, we take a closer look at all that internal chatter. Is your inner cheerleader who you hear the loudest? Or is your inner critique wreaking havoc with too much negative noise? Or… NADA? Tune in for an episode that’ll get your inner Chatty-Cathy talking up a storm!

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