Life’s logistics can get demanding! Some of us struggle with asking for help, whether in our personal or business lives. This episode of The Womanpreneur Podcast centers around utilizing our support network so we can focus on the things we do best. How many talented, capable people do you have in your corner? Look around – they’re there. You may be overlooking the resources around you. Or maybe you think you can’t afford it, when the time you save could actually help you earn more! Don’t like bookkeeping/admin work? Someone else loves doing it – and they most likely could take care it twice as fast as you because it’s their sweet spot! Web design, social media upkeep, copywriting, photography, spreadsheets, pie charts, etc… Yep. Someone out there is awesome at it, and would love to provide their services to you. Amanda and Melissa talk outsourcing and how you – yes, YOU – can do it, too. And there might even be an app for what you need! Tune in for some great insight, so you can get more time back in your day to do the things you love.

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